Health begins within yourself. It’s Now or Never.

Mine Wellness is one of the top wellness platforms that has a well-detailed health ecosystem. Our courses and services had completely offered a wholesome wellness experience using just in simple steps. The idea of wellness is not defined in theoretical concept. It is an action-oriented word. Do not underestimate the power of health as it is a lifelong journey towards fulfilling life based on the client’s willingness to change their lifestyle. Using our holistic wellness, Mine Wellness does not use drugs or processed food to guide our clients to eat healthily. We wish to educate our clients by heart about wellness, which comes with digital journaling and monitoring to ensure they are on track with their health progress. In three simple steps, Mine Wellness can provide various services and platforms for the clients to access within their local residents and affordability.


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Food Delivery (Order Mine Food)

Treat yourself a healthy and affordable food to your doorsteps. Our food is fully vegetarian and absolutely made of nutritious balanced meals. We believe the importance of eating proactively. Our principles are adhered according to H20, which are healthy, homely and original.

Fitness (Go for Fit!)

We are virtual fitness classes and you need to not reserve your place to join in the classes. Save time, save your travelling distance. You will be able to join the classes from home and anywhere within your time frame and convenience.

Consultation (Talk to My Wellness Coaches)

We have groups of passionate coaches, who are enthusiastic in guiding you towards your health goals. Our coaches are equipped with 3 years of experience and above in the wellness industry. Our coaches are ready to personalise their coaching methodology according to your needs and health condition.

Fresh Market (Let’s go Grocer)

Do you feel that you don’t have time to purchase your groceries in the on-ground convenience stores? Our top-notch suppliers provide variety of healthy groceries ingredients that added healthy value at your self-cooking recipe. Within a few clicks away, you will receive your goods by your doorsteps. Enjoy your online shopping!

1. Mine Wellness Creates A New Wellness Revolution By Leading The Wellness Community Back To Start

In olden days, our ancestors used to live healthily. For the ever-changing technology revolution, people neglected their health and subsequently it has become their second last priorities. In fact, health is not something that we said, but it’s something that we need to practice and apply into our life.

2. Mine Wellness Is An Online Wellness Hub With One Stop Solution For Clients In Achieving Their Goal Towards Health

Mine Wellness offers lifelong learning in terms of health knowledge, not just in theoretical facts. We believe Mine Wellness provides clear and simple steps to aid our clients to live a happy and fulfilling life.

3. The Backstory of Mine Wellness

The word, “Mine” derives from the idea that health begins with yourself. We believe health is an important key towards work life balance. Due to the overwhelming and ever-changing economic condition, most of the working adults are unable to manage their health condition with proper guidance. Therefore, the idea of “Mine” indicates the importance of self-discipline and self-motivation towards your ideal lifestyle.

Choose joy and stress-free life with Mine Wellness”

~ Coach Eve

Coach Eve is the founder of Alive D’ Train and Mine Wellness.  She has made a kickstart in entrepreneurship for six years as she believes health is the key to success and happier life. She was a trainer herself in both corporate and public sectors. As an experienced coach, she had conducted various workshops such as team building, fitness retreat camps, group wellness programmes and personal wellness coaching.

– Coach Eve

Chan Teck Keng (T.K. Chan) holds a first class honours majoring in Biomedical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He kickstarted his career with Glenaeagles Intan Medical Centre (GIMC) as a Biomedical Engineer. Later, he joined American International Assurance Pt. Ltd. (AIA Bhd), where he monitored and trained over 1000 insurance agents on knowing the right products and good working ethics in selling the products. Next, he was the Project Manager for the Turbo Change Learning School Programme, where he guided students towards effective learning skills. Currently, T.K. Chan is a sleeping coach as he believes that ‘Quality Sleep is the Key to stay young and healthy’. In the midst of completing his online course on Sleep: Neurobiology, he realised the importance of good quality and embarked his new business in both the sleeping wellness and health industry. He hopes to share the importance of eating healthily and having good sleeping quality to the people he loved. 

– TK Chan

Ong Li Yuan is a content writer which supports and provides contexts to both Alive D’ Train and Mine Wellness. Prior to her commencement as a content writer, she is an alma mater from Universiti Putra Malaysia majoring in both English Language Studies and English Literature. She had previously worked as a freelance copywriter in producing contents in social media. At the same time, she had equipped editorial skills in the publishing industry in a short term and published a mini thesaurus for primary students. She is currently working as a primary teacher in Dignity for Children Foundation, in hope to witness children being empowered with knowledge and break the cycle of poverty as well as illiteracy. Besides being an avid reader and writer herself, she realised the importance of wellness and eating healthily. This was how she began to venture into the healthy industry to obtain further understanding about wellness and well-being.

– Lisa Ong

Our team is very transparent, open minded, young and energetic people who believe the importance of health and well being growth. We support the team to leverage on each other people ‘s strength and  team members’ personal development. We are passionate in becoming one of the top wellness platforms for the betterment of life or living.